Leonardo De Vinci Airport and the Smoke Box

I missed one more observation regarding the Leonardo De Vinci Airport. In many previous posts, I have noted unusual aspects of different airports such as the glass enclosed display of things you should not carry on to a flight (Bejing), a life sized replica of a red fire hydrant decked out with turf so that travelling dogs can “hike a leg” (Charlotte), and the mammoth size statue of John Wayne (Orange County). Well, in Rome, among all of those shops and gates is the Smoke Box, a small rectangular shape cubicle with a roof designed for smokers. You can see my photo below (second photo, first one is in the terminal). Its capacity is 8 people, but I think that the maximum is closer to 12 if everyone stands real close to each other. The just a bit of haze inside made the inhabitants appear surreal, like something from a Stephen King short story or novel. In addition, no cigarette, no problem, just walk in and breath deep. The second hand smoke will do the trick.

Leonardo De Vinci Airport

Smoke Box

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