Put Down Your Rocks or I Will Shoot at You – 9 Times

While I was not at Love Field or in Dallas last week (I will be in Dallas later this week), there is a story that needs our attention. In my last post, I noted that Love Field has but one terminal, therefore only one baggage claim area, only one flight-check in spot, and only one line for security.

When arriving on an incoming flight, after you have strolled past Whataburger, and skipped through a brightly lit hallway lined by shops and restaurants, there is an escalator/ staircase that travels down to the main level of the airport. On the left is the Conga line for security, along with the big dude Texas Ranger (not the actor). On the right is a short hallway leading to the baggage claim and exits to the cars containing the folks who hopefully are glad to see us when we arrive.

texas ranger

It’s outside the baggage claim, in the pickup area, where the story begins. Last week, some guy “went off” outside the terminal where cars come and go and stop to fetch or leave their friends and loved ones. He was “armed” with two rocks and managed to get himself shot at by a police officer nine times. Yes, he was hit, more than once, but has survived. He is at a Dallas hospital, recovering from multiple gunshot injuries. In Texas, he is referred to as a “tough old bird” in that after being shot the first time he did not stay down. He got back up only to be shot again.

I like Love Field, but I would not have liked it June 10 early afternoon. By the time the fracus was resolved and the TSA reopened the security checkpoint, the line had become a three hour ordeal. I saw the lines on the news feeds and even Pre-TSA could not save anyone that day. All flights were delayed and I am sure that cascading effect on the entire Southwest network was felt late into the evening. I’ll bet that somebody posted something about the delays. I would have.

The underlying story, as much as we know, is complicated. A “domestic disturbance” became a public event as a man began throwing rocks and lane marking cones at his ex-girlfriend’s car. She had brought him to the airport to return to Maryland and back into the arms of his current girlfriend. The Dallas ex-girlfriend is the mother of his children and he had been in Dallas for unreported reasons (I assuming to see his kids). Anyway, when they got to Love Field and she had gotten his luggage out of the car, he exited the passenger side and the melt down ensued. No need for fiction, ever.

Dallas Love Field-Disturbance


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